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Thank you thank you thank you

I can’t thank you enough you helped get my horse back. Thank you for you and your knowledge!!!

Nicole Porter

Life Saving

Highly recommend ANJA Equine! Wonderful people. Very knowledgeable. Hair test saved my horses life!

Jenny Muller

Famousfrenchsapphire and I are grateful.

Spent over an hour on the phone with Joni today and I am so impressed! She pinpointed my filly’s mellow personality and stoic nature based on her adrenal gland results and told me she’s internalizing stress and pain. Which is 100% accurate. Made a ton of great suggestions for my feeding program and I’m excited to learn more next time we talk! Plus we found out we both have DTF horses, so it’s a kinship already! If you’re on the fence about having this done, it is so worth $25! Famousfrenchsapphire and I are grateful.

Leah Maguire

Best $25 ever spent!

anja hair testing


I cannot even begin to tell you how Joni has helped transform my horses! They are healthier, happier, and performing better than ever!! They are on a simple but complete diet that agrees with each of them! Rather than over compensating with expensive supplements, why not eliminate the ingredients that are causing the problems? It’s the best $25 you will ever spend on your horse!

Andrea Moore Sewell

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