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Welcome to Anja Equine LLC

Anja means "Grace of God" or "Gracious"
We hold true to that meaning, and believe everyone coming in to our facility deserves to be treated with grace.

We are excited to also offer our own line of Herbs for your Equine!  

We use horse hair analytics to help determine what your horse needs. 

We strive to get your animal’s system in balance. We utilize a hair test to analyze their overall body health, including some specifics, and we include testing their diet for allergic reactions.
We require a small amount of mane or tail hair clipped (about the size of a small pencil), and sent in a zip lock bag, with their name. If sending dog hair, please clip a small cluster from their neck or tail.

Include your name and address, phone number, and $25 for the testing.

We need a list of all food and supplements, including any pastes.

You can pay through Paypal, at  anjaequine15@yahoo.com   or mail a check with the hair sample.

Mail this hair sample to:

Anja Equine LLC,
366 Cool Shady Ln
Ardmore, OK 73401


We typically are able to give you the test results within 2-3 weeks of receiving the hair sample.
Text us or call if you need more information! (209)608-1325

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366 Cool Shady Ln
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